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SNAP Violation Attorney

SNAP Violation Attorney

Andrew Z. Tapp, Esq. SNAP Violation Attorney

SNAP Violation Attorney

Many small grocers and convenience stores rely on the revenue they receive from their EBT transactions.  That’s why good legal representation makes all the difference when the USDA sends a SNAP Violation Charging Letter.  Andrew Tapp has been a SNAP Violation Attorney since 2012 and has successfully handled more than 100 cases for clients across the United States.  He has represented clients ranging from large groceries stores to small convenience stores and food delivery services.

Experienced SNAP Violation Attorney

In 2013, the United States Congress a report from the USDA detailing the extent of trafficking in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program between 2009-2011.  This SNAP Violation Report detailed a dramatic increase in trafficking of SNAP benefits since the late 1990’s.  As a result, Congress instructed the USDA to crack down on fraud (trafficking of benefits) in the system.  In order to comply with the Congressional mandate, the USDA began a dramatic increase in the use of its ALERT computer system which works to identify suspicious EBT transactions.  Since 2014, the USDA has used the ALERT system to identify and suspend (or disqualify) thousands of stores across the United States.

However, the ALERT system is deeply flawed and has routinely misidentified stores and their transactions as “suspicious.”  Since 2014, Mr. Tapp has worked extensively with clients to provide the USDA with explanations for misidentified transactions, and to eliminate charges of trafficking.

Personal Attention for Your Store

Mr. Tapp has traveled abroad to meet with clients about their SNAP Violation cases.  As a fourth generation entrepreneur, he understands the importance of protecting the revenue of your company.   He also knows that EBT can account for as much as 50% of your store’s business, and that without it, the store might fail.  With that in mind, his goal in every case is a complete dismissal of the charges.  To learn more about how to hire Mr. Tapp as your SNAP Violation Attorney, call us today.